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Hiring a Caregiver

10 Questions for the Caregiver Agency


Updated March 05, 2009

If you’ve decided that it’s time to hire a caregiver and determined the type of caregiver you need, the next step is to start interviewing potential agencies and caregivers. Here is a list of 10 questions you’ll want to ask:
  1. What type of background screening is done on your employees?
  2. How long has the candidate you're suggesting worked for the service?
  3. What type of training does the employee have?
  4. What are the fees for service and what do they cover?
  5. Is there a minimum and maximum limit to the hours of service per day?
  6. Are there limitations as to what the caregiver can and cannot do?
  7. Whom do you call if the worker does not show up at the scheduled time?
  8. If the worker cannot make it on a day he or she is needed, who will cover?
  9. Is the caregiver comfortable working with dying people?
  10. Will the caregiver honor a Do Not Resuscitate Order?

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