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Information, Tips, and More for Patients and Their Caregivers


Information for patients and their caregivers to help manage symptoms, maintain quality of life, and provide safe care.
  1. Caregiver Information and Tips (C.I.T.s)
  2. Tips to Help You Comfort and Support
  3. Caring For Yourself

Caregiver Information and Tips (C.I.T.s)

Information and tips you need to know when caring for someone -- all packaged up in this useful C.I.T.!

Tips to Help You Comfort and Support

Your loved one needs your support now more than ever. Here is information and tips to help you comfort and support your palliative care patient.

Caring For Yourself

Caring for others is very hard work. It strains you physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. You can't be an effective caregiver if you have nothing left to give. Find ways to recharge and refuel so you can be the best caregiver possible.

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