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Checklists for Various Death, Dying and Bereavement Matters

Checklists are a helpful way of organizing the many tasks that must be dealt with prior to and/or following the death of a loved one. Methodically working your way through a printed list of tasks makes the process a bit easier. These PDF File or webpage checklists include information on various matters related to death and dying.
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(PDF File) What Needs to be Done...When a Love One Dies
A helpful full color brochure available as a PDF File. Recognizing that the details following the death of a loved one can be overwhelming, the LifeMark Group prepared a comprehensive checklist of the what needs to be done after a death. The brochure covers what to do starting with the time of death, deciding on arrangements, services along with a very helpful list of what to do after the service.
After a Death Occurs Checklist
Initially following a death the focus is on funeral or memorial services, after that the financial and legal issues must be addressed. From the Massachusetts Commission on End of Life Care comes an online checklist that summarizes the tasks that are likely to need attention after the death.
A Guide for Getting Through the First Year
From the USAA Educational Foundation, part of their section on coping with loss a helpful section, comes a guide for getting through the first year following the death of a spouse. This section provides a helpful calendar checklist, information about probate, duties of the executor, taxes due after death and how to go on without a loved one.
Calendar Checklist from A Guide for Getting Through the First Year
The USAA Educational Foundation created a helpful printable calendar checklist for getting through the first month. The checklist includes information on things to do, what you will need and contact information. The Calendar checklist is divided into the First Month and a second page on what to do after the First Month.
(PDF File) Basic Checklist of Responsibilities After Death
From the Library and Resources section of Magellan Health Services, Inc. a list of responsibilities for the survivors after a death. The list starts with talking to the doctors about medical decisions following a death and ends with the helpful suggestion for the survivor to up date his/her own will and make his/her own funeral or memorial pre-arrangements.
(PDF File) A Post-Death Survivors Checklist
This Post-Death checklist was developed by Good Sense Ministry, part of the Willow Creek Association. This printable "list" is in a table form with a listing of 16 tasks to complete. Also included are places to designate the person who is responsible and the date that the task is completed.
(PDF File) Survivors Check List from the Department of State
This 6 page PDF File was developed by the Family Liaison Office as part of their Direct Communication Project Jan 2006 for employees of the Department of State and their family members. The checklist can help survivors in preparing for and handling the many details that must be attended to in the first few months after a death.
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