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Planning a Child's Memorial or Funeral Service

Dealing with the death of a child is often one of the most difficult challenges parents may face. This section offers information and resources to help parents in planning the memorial or funeral service for their child (children) and also includes information for funeral directors.
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Guidelines for Planning a Child's Funeral
This helpful article from Helen Fitzgerald, CT the Training Director at the American Hospice Foundation looks at the very difficult topic of planning a child's funeral.
(PDF File) Choices in arranging a Child's Funeral
This 13-page booklet is available online was created by and for parents whose baby or young child has died suddenly and unexpectedly. It is made available by the National SIDS Council of Australia, SIDS and Kids.
Guidelines for funeral directors working with bereaved parents
This online brochure from the Compassionate Friends in the U.K. offers advice for funeral directors who are working with bereaved parents, but much of the advice is also helpful for the parents coping with a difficult time.
Suggestions for Funeral Directors When a Child Dies
This online brochure from the Compassionate Friends in the U.S. offers suggestions for funeral directors are working with bereaved parents when a child dies. The brochure provides a list of suggestions from bereaved parents in coping with this difficult time.
Planning the Memorial or Funeral Service for a Child
A list of helpful suggestions on how to deal with some practical matters such as planning a memorial or funeral services from the parents of the Ped-Onc Resource Center who have had to plan a service. The web site is for parents, friends, and families of children who have or had childhood cancer.
Preparing our Child's Funeral
This online brochure from the Compassionate Friends in the U.K. deals with the very difficult and painful topic of planning a child's funeral.
Saying Goodbye to Your Child
From the MISS Foundation an online brochure with helpful suggestions for selecting the funeral home, funerals, memorials and ways of creating a special goodbye.
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