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Coping with the Loss of a Parent - Dealing with the Death of a Parent

The death of a parent can be a very shocking and life-changing experience. Suddenly the person that you turned to for their wisdom and their advice is no longer available. Suddenly you may find yourself the oldest generation of the family. This section offers resources and information for helping cope with the loss of a parent.
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Cope with Life's Challenges
Following a loss, death, tragic event or major life challenge, it may be difficult to remember to take care for oneself. Focusing on the basis survival needs for the body--remembering to eat, sleep and exercise--is especially needed initially after a life changing event. This short list provides basic, healthy coping strategies to keep you moving during the first few days.
Cope with Challenges beyond the Basics
Following a loss, death, tragic event or major life challenge, it may be difficult to remember to take care for oneself. After making it through the first few days just focusing on the basics, the grieving person may need some helpful suggestions to keep going. This short list provides additional coping strategies to keep you moving beyond first few days.
Practical and Postive Ways of Managing Stress and Distress
This article provides practical and postive ways of managing stress and distress.
Acknowledging the Death of a Parent at Your Wedding
This article from About's Guide to Weddings, Nina Callaway looks at a difficult subject, how to acknowledge the death of a parent at your wedding and still keep the mood on the joyous occasion.
Remembering Those Who Have Died
There are many ways to remember a loved one at Christmas or during the holiday season. This list includes some of the best suggestions and recommendations, in no particular order.
How to Remember a Loved One at the Holidays
Holidays can be difficult times for those who have lost a loved one, especially if it is the first holiday season. Finding ways of remembering the loved one as still being a part of the holiday can be helpful for family and friends. This article provides suggestions for remembering a loved one who has died as well as some insights into coping with the loss of a loved one at the holidays.
(PDF File) Adults Grieving the Death of a Parent
The beautiful downloadable brochure comes from the Irish Hospice Foundation. The brochure looks at the topic of grief after the death of a parent, from the perspective of the adult.
When Your Parent Dies
John Kennedy Saynor Coordinator of the GENESIS Bereavement Resource Centre offers insights and tips for coping in this article on when your parent dies.
Parents Losing Parents
Psychotherapist and author of Losing a Parent, Alexandra Kennedy looks at some of the complex issues when parents lose parents.
When a Parent Dies: A Guide for Patients and Their Families
This article from Hospice Net looks at some of the issues for the family and for children when a parent dies.
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