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Language of Death

People and professionals often go to great lengths to avoid using the terms death, dying, dead. This section includes examples of some of the indirect language, slang and metaphors used in common language and by professions and professionals who deal with issues of death and dying.
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Death & Dying Language: Euphemisms, Slang, Metaphors & Expressions
A special collection of more than 200 euphemisms, metaphors used in place of the words dying, death or dead. The collection also includes many of the often amusing slang expressions that people use when talking about death or dying.
Death & Dying in Everyday Language
Death & Dying language is often used in situations that have nothing to do with death, as part of the expressions used in daily conversations. This page provides a list of some of the more commonly used death, dying, and killing terms and expressions.
Euphemisms for Physician Assisted Suicide and A Sick Patient Ending His/Her Life
What do you call it when a sick patient deliberately chooses to end his or her own life? What term is used to describe this process? Are there other terms that better describe physician assisted suicide? President of the Euthanasia Research and Guidance Organization, Derek Humphry, takes a look at some of the terms and euphemisms used to describe physician assisted suicide and what happens when a sick patient chooses to end his or her own life.
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