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Ethical Issues

Those caring for the dying and the dead must respect not only the patient or the deceased, but also the feelings and emotions of those who love them in order to avoid the ethical dilemmas that can arise.

How to Create an Advance Healthcare Directive
The steps you should follow now to ensure your end-of-life wishes are carried out in case of an accident or terminal illness.

4 Funeral-related Scams to Avoid

Economic Motives for Physician-Assisted Suicide
An interesting article by Maxwell J. Mehlman, J.D. about the possible economic motives for physician assisted suicide.

Oppositions to Physician Assisted Suicide
Reasons for opposing physician-assisted suicide.

Hands Off! Do Not Resuscitate
What is a Do Not Resuscitate order and is it right for you?

The Decision to Stop Eating at the End of Life
End of life decisions for hospice patients may include voluntary stopping of eating and drinking.

Reasons for Seeking Physician Assisted Suicide
Reasons why palliative care patients may seek physician-assisted suicide.

Deciding to Withhold or Withdraw Life Support
Information about making difficult decisions about life support.

Palliative Sedation
An overview of palliative sedation to alleviate suffering.

Voluntary Ceasing of Eating and Drinking
End-of-life choices for hospice patients may include the voluntary stopping of eating and drinking.

Is Palliative Sedation a Form of Euthanasia or Physician-Assi…
Is palliative sedation a form of euthanasia? What are the differences between palliative sedation and euthanasia?

palliative sedation - Have you had to consider Palliative Sedation?
Have you ever had to consider palliative sedation for yourself or your loved one to relieve uncontrolled suffering? How did you wrestle with that choice?

Denied Health Insurance Claims - Share Your Story about Denied Health…
Readers share their experiences with being denied health insurance claims.

How Will Health Care Reform Affect End-of-Life Care?
Discussion of how health care reform in 2009 will affect end-of-life care.

Death Panels Already Exist
Think death panels are a part of the future? They already happen at insurance companies.

How Will the Proposed Health Care Reform Affect Older Americans?
How will health care reform affect older Americans and Senior Citizens?

Health Care Reform - Health Care Reform and Seniors
Are you worried how health care reform will affect you? Share your reasons.

Karen Ann Quinlan: A Pioneer in the Right-to-Die Movement
A profile of Karen Ann Quinlan, a pioneer case in the right-to-die movement.

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