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Famous and Memorable Eulogies and Tributes

A eulogy is a formal expression of praise for someone who has died often delivered at a funeral. A memorial speech given in memory of someone who has died at a memorial service. This collection includes some of the famous and memorable eulogies, memorial speeches and moving tributes that have been delivered.
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President Bush Remarks at President Ford's Funeral Service
This is the text of the eulogy delivered by President George W. Bush for former President Gerald R. Ford during the Funeral Service held at the Washington National Cathedral on January 2, 2007.
Vice President’s Remarks at the State Funeral of Former President Gerald R. Ford
This is the text of the eulogy delivered for former President Gerald R. Ford by Vice President Dick Cheney during the State Funeral ceremony in the Rotunda of the U.S. Capitol, Saturday, December 30, 2006. Vice President Cheney served as President Ford's Chief of Staff during Ford's administration.
My Daddy Was My Hero - A Moving Eulogy for Steve Irwin
On on September 20, 2006 Bindi Iwrin delivered one of the most moving memorials in recent memory--her final tribute to her Dad, Steve Irwin who died suddenly and unexpectedly on September 4, 2006. The text of her memorable and inspiring tribute is included.
Funeral Mass of the Roman Pontiff John Paul II
His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedictus XVI) delivered the following homily at the Funeral Mass of Pope John Paul II on the 8th of April, 2005 in St. Peter's Square, at the Vatican.
President Bush's Memorial Speech for the Columbia Astronauts
This is the memorial speech delivered by President George W. Bush during a memorial service at the NASA Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2003, held in memory of the seven astronauts who lost their lives in Space Shuttle Columbia disaster.
Tribute to John F. Kennedy Junior
This Memorial Tribute to John F. Kennedy Junior was delivered by his uncle, Senator Edward M. Kennedy on the 23rd of July 1999 in the Church of St. Thomas More in New York City. John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn Bessette Kennedy and her sister, Lauren died unexpectedly on Friday, July 16, 1999 in a solo plane crash water off of Martha's Vineyard.
Cher's Eulogy for Sonny
Even though they'd been apart for more than 24 years, Cher accepted the invitation and delivered a Eulogy for her former husband, partner and friend Sonny Bono at his funeral service in Palm Springs, California on the 9th of January 1998. Then Senator Sonny Bono died from injuries sustained in a skiing accident.
The Tribute by the Princess's brother - The Earl Spencer
The Funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales occurred at Westminster Abbey on Saturday the 6th of September 1997 at 11.00 a.m. Her brother Charles Edward Maurice Spencer, the 9th Earl Spencer, delivered the following Tribute for his sister Diana.
Elton John's Musical Memorial for Princess Diana
On September 6, 1997 Sir Elton John sang a moving, memorable, musical tribute to his dear friend, Diana the Princess of Wales as part of her funeral service. He has only performed this version of Candle in the Wind, 1997 once--at the funeral.
Josh Groban's Musical Tribute to Columbia Crew - You Raise Me Up
While not originally written as a memorial Josh Groban sang a beautiful moving tribute of his song "You Raise Me Up" as a musical memorial for the Columbia Crew at Superbowl XXXVIII (28), February 1, 2004.
John Cleese's Memorable Memorial Speech for Graham Chapman
In 1989 John Cleese delivered a memorable memorial speech for his friend and former Monty Python partner Graham Chapman at a memorial service held in the Great Hall at St Bartholomew's Hospital. This humorous eulogy for Chapman has become a classic in which Cleese advantage of "this glorious opportunity to shock you all on his behalf," which he proceeded to do.
President Reagan's Address to the Nation Following the Challenger Explosion
On January 28, 1986, President Reagan delivered the following address to the nation after the Challenger explosion. Only a few hours after the disaster, this speech was delivered to the American people via nationwide radio and television.
President Ronald Reagan's Eulogy for the Challenger Astronauts
The following eulogy was delivered by President Reagan on January 31, 1986 at a memorial service held in Houston Texas for the Challenger astronauts--Dick Scobee, Michael Smith, Judith Resnik, Ellison Onizuka, Ronald McNair, Gregory Jarvis and Christa McAuliffe.
Maya Angelou's Eulogy for Coretta Scott King
These are the eulogy remarks delivered by Maya Angelou on the 7th of February 2006 at the Funeral Service for Coretta Scott King, widow of Martin Luther King Jr.
Oprah Winfrey's Eulogy for Rosa Parks
This is the eulogy delivered for Rosa Parks on the 31 October 2005 at the Metropolitan AME Church in Washington D.C by Oprah Winfrey.
Former President Jimmy Carter's Eulogy for Mattie Stepanek
This is the eulogy delivered by Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter delivered at Mattie Stepanek's funeral service on the 28th of June 2004. Mattie wanted to be remembered as a "Poet, Peacemaker, and Philosopher Who Played."
Patti LaBelle's Musical Tribute to the Columbia's Crew - Way Up There
Patti Labelle sang "Way Up There", a song commissioned by the NASA Art Program to celebrate the Centennial of Flight in 2003 at the February 6, 2003 memorial service for Columbia. The song was later nominated for a Grammy.
Josh Groban's Musical Tribute to Grief - To Where You Are
Josh Groban's song "To Where You Are" became a source of comfort for the entire country following the September 11th 2001 tragedy. It continues to be a source of comfort for many who are grieving a loss. The song can be found in the music section of his website.
Senator John McCain's Eulogy for Mark Bingham
This is the eulogy given by Senator John McCain in honor of Mark Bingham on the 22nd of September 2001. Mark Bingham was one of the many heroes on United Flight 93 who died averting another airplane crash on September 11, 2001.
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