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"Definition of a Eulogy"


Updated: November 23, 2006

The definitions of a eulogy range from formal to religious to practical to more eloquent.

Formal Definitions
A formal expression of praise for someone who has died.

A memorial speech given in memory of someone who has died at a funeral or memorial service.

Religious Definition
A speech or homily in praise of a deceased person; brief remarks about the deceased given at a funeral or memorial service.

Practical Definition
A oral memorial that pays tribute to the life of the deceased. The Eulogy contains the history of the individual, information about his career, interests, family, and friends. It also might contain personal stories or memories.

Eloquent Definition
The moment at which the deceased is brought close, and a time when he or she steps away. It is at once a greeting and a letting go. A eulogy is a way of expressing sorrow, but also of celebrating life.

Also known as: Memorial speech, homily

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