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Hospice Volunteers, End of Life Doulas & Loss from a Doula Perspective

Hospice Volunteers or End of Life Doulas provide companionship, comfort, emotional and spiritual support for people at the end of life, often whose life expectancy is 18 months or less. This section offers information on Hospice Volunteers, End of Life Doulas as well as loss from a traditional doula's perspective.
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End of Life Doulas - Volunteers Who are a Loving Presence
An article on End of Life Doulas, Companions for the Dying or the Hospice volunteers who provide a loving presence for those at the end of life.
End of Life Doula
Definition of End of Life Doula
Loss from a Doula's Perspective
This article by Certified Birth Doula, Kimberly Packard-Beck, looks at loss at the beginning of life from a birth doula's point of view. It written as a resource for doulas to learn more about losses that may occur with birth and how to support to a client if she experienced a birth loss. It has been reprinted with her permission.
Online Guide to the Dying Process for Caregivers and Volunteers
A 26 page downloadable PDF guide published by the Hospice Foundation of America that can be used as a helpful and inexpensive training aid for staff and volunteers of hospices and other end-of-life organizations.
Hospice Volunteers: Helping People LIVE
Caregiving Connection, part of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, produced an 8 page brochure on Hospice Volunteers: Helping People LIVE. This online PDF File discusses some of the helpful things that volunteers can do as well as the many benefits of being a hospice volunteer.
Doula to Accompany and Comfort Volunteer Program
The Doula to Accompany and Comfort Volunteer Program is a non-sectarian organization, part of the The Shira Ruskay Center, that trains volunteers who provide companionship and comfort for people at the end-of-life. Those served are people who have limited support from family and friends.
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