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Musical Memorial Tributes - Remembering with Music

Music has been used to honor the dead throughout history from the formal Requiem Mass to songs written as special tributes for someone who has died. Musical tributes can be very moving, perhaps because they combine words with music to remember and honor those who have died.
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Elton John's Musical Memorial for Princess Diana
On September 6, 1997 Sir Elton John sang a moving, memorable, musical tribute to his dear friend, Diana the Princess of Wales as part of her funeral service. He has only performed this version of Candle in the Wind, 1997 once--at the funeral.
Josh Groban's Musical Tribute to Columbia Crew - You Raise Me Up
While not originally written as a memorial Josh Groban sang a beautiful moving tribute of his song "You Raise Me Up" as a musical memorial for the Columbia Crew at Superbowl XXXVIII (28), February 1, 2004.
The Requiem Mass - The Mass for the Dead
About's Guide to Classical Music, Aaron Green, describes what is involved in the Requiem Mass, the formal mass or service that honors the deceased that is sung on the day of burial and on specific days afterwards.
Patti LaBelle's Musical Tribute to the Columbia's Crew - Way Up There
Patti Labelle sang "Way Up There", a song commissioned by the NASA Art Program to celebrate the Centennial of Flight in 2003 at the February 6, 2003 memorial service for Columbia. The song was later nominated for a Grammy.
Josh Groban's Musical Tribute to Grief - To Where You Are
Josh Groban's song "To Where You Are" became a source of comfort for the entire country following the September 11th 2001 tragedy. It continues to be a source of comfort for many who are grieving a loss. The song can be found in the music section of his website.
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