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The Kindness Project - A Way of Remembering a Loved One


Updated: December 3, 2006

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The Kindness Project began in October 1997 as a way for families who had lost a child to honor and remember their child and help themselves heal. The project has expanded so the person remembered can be anyone you want to remember--a child, parent, spouse or friend.

A loved one is remembered by having a family member or friend perform a random act of kindness in memory of the person who has died. A small card is left behind so the person benefiting from the kind act knows that someone's life continues to matter.

Random Acts of Kindness

The Kindness Project reminds others that our children, and other loved ones, are so very important to us that we are willing to extend the life and love of our child and share it with others! It is a legacy that transcends death. It is a legacy of love.
Joanne Cacciatore

The idea behind the Kindness project is to perform random acts of kindness, often anonymous, in your community. A small Kindness Project card is left behind so that the person benefiting from the act of kindness knows that the gesture was done in memory of someone who died.

This selfless, caring project has helped many people and families to heal by finding a positive outlet for the intense and often overwhelming grief experienced after losing a loved one.

By performing a caring act of kindness in memory of someone who has died, the memory of that person is kept alive, as the life and the love of the person is share with others as part of this simple gesture of kindness.

Examples of Acts of Kindness

Smaller image of The Kindness Project Card for a Child
The Kindness Project Card - In Loving Memory of Our Child...
The MISS Foundation - Kindness Project
There are many different ways and opportunities to do perform an act of kindness and do something nice for someone. According to founder Joanne Cacciatore, kind deeds are everywhere just waiting to be done.

Here are some examples of Acts of Kindness from the MISS Foundation:

    1. Buy or Donate shoes or clothes for a family in need.
    2. Help an elderly person with yard work or grocery shopping. They may have their own story of a child who had died.
    3. Visit a nursing home, sit and listen to some of the residents.
    4. Leave a bouquet of flowers at another child's grave in the cemetery. Leave a card to let the parents know about the Kindness Project.
    5. Pay someone's electrical bill. Check with your local utilities company to see if they have a program to help low-income customers. The elderly, disabled, sick, working poor and the unemployed can experience severe, uncontrollable or unplanned hardships and are unable to pay for their energy needs can benefit from your generosity.
    6. Volunteer time at a crisis nursery, animal or homeless shelter.
    7. Leave a large tip for your food server.
    8. Knit or crochet a baby blanket for the hospital nursery. Premature babies can always use tiny booties and caps.
    9. Buy a balloon bouquet and ask the nurses the children's hospital to deliver them to a child.
    10. Pay someone's bridge toll or parking meter (especially if it is going to expire).

You can read more examples on of ways of spreading kindness at the MISS Foundations site - http://www.missfoundation.org/kindness/ideas.html

History of the Kindness Project

The Kindness Project started in 1997 by MISS Foundation founder, Joanne Cacciatore as a way of honoring the memory of her daughter Cheyenne. She wanted to create a legacy for her daughter, a way of sharing the life of her child with others. According to Joanne,
    I began to seek out ways to keep Cheyenne's memory alive to my family and to the rest of the world: I wanted to create a legacy. I wanted people to know that she existed and, more importantly, I wanted to help change the lives of others because of her presence on this earth.

Joanne began creating the legacy for her daughter, simply by setting out to look for daily opportunities to reach out and do something unexpected and especially kind for another person. Strangers were often the recipients of these unexpected kind acts.

The Kindness Project grew out of her experiences in doing things for other people and wanting to share her healing adventure with others. In doing something in memory of her daughter Joanne discovered a sense of peace, a purpose and a healing of her spirit.

Quotes on Acts of Kindness

    When you carry out acts of kindness you get a wonderful feeling inside. It is as though something inside your body responds and says, yes, this is how I ought to feel.
    Rabbi Harold Kushner

    No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.

    A kind and compassionate act is often its own reward.
    William John Bennet

    Once you begin to acknowledge random acts of kindness - both the ones you have received and the ones you have given - you can no longer believe that what you do does not matter.
    Dawna Markova

Kindness Cards & More Information

Smaller image of The Standard Kindness Project Card
The Standard Kindness Project Card - Done In Loving Memory of ...
The MISS Foundation - Kindness Project
When performing an act of kindness, be sure that the recipient realizes is done in memory of the loved one who has died, this can be done by ensuring a Kindness Card gets to the recipient.

Depending on the act you can leave the card on a table, send one with a donation or with a gift.

Two versions of the Kindness Cards can be ordered from the MISS Foundations website.

* Standard Kindness Card (shown on the left) has "Done in Loving Memory of..." printed on the card.
* Kindness Card In Memory of Child (shown in the section above) has "Done in Loving Memory of our Beautiful Child..." printed on the card.

Pricing and Ordering
Prices on the cards is as follows (Note: The price does not include shipping charges.)

    $2.00 for a Pack of 10 Kindness Cards
    $7.00 for a Pack of 50 Kindness Cards
    $11.00 for a Pack of 100 Kindness Cards
    $23.00 for a Pack of 250 Kindness Cards

Remember to specify which version you want, the Standard Kindness Card which can be used for anyone, or the Kindness Card in Memory of a Child.

More information on the Kindness Project

About the MISS Foundation
The MISS Foundation is a nonprofit international organization providing immediate crisis support and ongoing aid to grieving families after the death of a child from any cause. They also focus on reducing infant and toddler death through research and education.

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