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Children's Grief Books

Recommended Books About Grief and Loss for Children and Teens


Updated December 29, 2010

Stories are timeless and universal and can be an effective tool to help children and teens cope with grief and loss.  Here is a list of books I recommend for children and pre-teens. 

Preschool to Early Grade School


Jasper's Day

Photo © Pricegrabber

A touching story about a terminally ill dog and the family who loves him.  When the dog's suffering becomes too much, the family makes a difficult decision and plans Jasper's final day.  This is a great story for children who have lost a pet or are facing a pet's imminent death. 

I'll Alway's Love You

Photo © Pricegrabber

This is a story about a dog named Elfie, the best dog in the world according to the little boy who loved him.  One day Elfie doesn't wake up and the family grieves her death.  It illustrates the journey through grief after losing a pet and the importance of showing our love.

Badger's Parting Gifts

Photo © Pricegrabber

Remembering and reminiscing are essential to the grieving process.  This is a straightforward story about the death of Badger, the old and wise friend of the other woodland critters.  Badger's death leaves his friends with a crushing grief, until they start to remember and share Badger's gifts. 


Photo © Pricegrabber

This book comes highly recommended for children of all ages.  This book is a beautiful way to explain the life cycle to young children.  It explores the beginning (birth) and end (death) of all living things and the life lived in between.   The pictures are beautiful and this book is really appropriate for any age group.


Books For Grade School Age Children

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