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Sudden and Traumatic Deaths - Trauma, Disasters, Suicide and Murder

A Sudden Death occurs without any forewarning; it is unanticipated. A Traumatic Death, in addition to being sudden, can also be violent, mutilating or destructive; it can be random and/or preventable or may involve many deaths. These sudden, accidental, unexpected or traumatic death shatters the world as we know it; they leave the survivors feeling shaken, unsure and vulnerable. In this section various resources and information about different types of sudden or traumatic deaths are provided.
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Dealing with Sudden, Accidental and Traumatic Loss and Death
A sudden, accidental, unexpected or traumatic death occurs without any forewarning, leaving survivors feeling shaken, unsure and vulnerable. This article provides various resources and information about coping with sudden or traumatic deaths.
Practical and Postive Ways of Managing Stress and Distress
This article provides practical and postive ways of managing stress and distress.
Living Through and Surviving Traumatic Events
From the Medical Wellness Journal Archives comes an article that I wrote in the aftermath of the post Christmas Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Indian/Pakistan Earthquake on suggestions for living through and surviving traumatic events.
Men Risk Accidental Death
A look at some of the reasons why men are more likely to suffer an accidental injury or death from About's Guide to Mens Health, Dr. Jerry Kennard.
Survivors of Homicide Victims
A helpful Information Bulletin from the National Organization of Parents of Murdered Children describes some of the concerns of survivors of homicide victims, discuss some of the problems and situations they face in day-to-day life, and suggest some guidelines for providing support and assistance to them.
The Necessity Of Denial In Grieving Murder
From the National Center for PTSD comes an online fact "The Necessity Of Denial In Grieving Murder: Observations Of The Victims' Families Following The Bombing In Oklahoma City." In this article some unique needs of families of homicide victims are explored including the effect of intrusive outside influences and the role of mental health providers in working with homicide survivors.
Facing Sudden Loss
From the Hospice Foundation of America, a link to an online article written by Judy Tatelbaum, MSW about the challenges of facing a sudden loss. The article can also be downloaded as a PDF File. She provides several ways to help heal yourself based on information she has learned from many people who have suffering a sudden loss.
Reactions to Sudden or Traumatic Loss
From AARP's (American Association of Retired Persons) section on Grief and Loss an informative, online article looking at many of the special issues that survivors of sudden or traumatic loss may face.
Trauma, Loss and Traumatic Grief
From the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies and informative article on trauma, loss and the effects of traumatic grief. Sudden shocking losses can be particularly difficult for the survivors. They must often come to terms with not only the death itself, but the manner of the death. Consequently it can take many months for the most painful feelings and thoughts to diminish.
Managing Grief after Disaster: A National Center for PTSD Fact Sheet
From the National Center for PTSD comes an online fact sheet on "Managing Grief after Disaster." This article explores the course of bereavement, the experience of grief, the complications of bereavement and traumatic grief. Also included are risk factors for complications of bereavement, treatment options and the role of professional intervention in the early phase of disaster bereavement.
21 Things You to Do While You're Living Through a Traumatic Experience
Dr. Mark Lerner, president of the American Association of Experts in Traumatic Stress wrote "21 Things You Can Do While You're Living Through a Traumatic Experience" in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina as an informative resource available for survivors of the next disaster.
Major Depression and Complicated Grief
From American Cancer Society's Section on Coping with Grief and Loss comes an article on Major Depression and Complicated Grief, that looks what happens when normal grief progresses and becomes clinical depression, a complicated grief response.
Reflections on Spiritual Problems in Sudden Loss
From the Hospice Foundation of America, an article from Rabbi Earl A. Grollman reflecting on spiritual problems that may occur following a sudden loss. Rabbi Grollman explores some of the questions that people ask when unexpected crises shatter their lives. The online article can also be downloaded as a PDF File.
Before You See the "World Trade Center" Movie
Healing or Harmful? Your answer to the release of the "World Trade Center" Movie on August 9, 2006 may depend on your perspective.
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