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Symptom Management

Symptoms other than pain can cause distress during a life-threatening illness. Breathing problems, stomach upset and loss of appetite, insomnia, delirium, and even itching can all be addressed by the palliative care team.

Managing Shortness of Breath
Dyspnea is the feeling of breathlessness. An estimated 55-70% of patients near the end of life experience shortness of breath. It's a distressing symptom and needs to be treated promptly. Find out how you can help manage dyspnea.

The Death Rattle
Definition and discussion of the death rattle at the end of life.

Alternatives to Smoking - Medical Marijuana Vaporizers
User reviews of medical marijuana vaporizers. See submissions

MSU Partners in Care for Symptom Management
Tools to provide help and guidance to patients and their caregivers regarding symptom management.

Alternatives to Smoking Medicinal Marijuana
The use of medicinal marijuana is increasing but smoking pot may not always be a healthy choice. What is the healthiest way to use medical marijuana?

Managing Anxiety
Tips for treating anxiety in dying patients.

Overcoming Barriers to Sexual Intimacy
Overcoming barriers to sexual intimacy during an incurable illness.

Sexual Intimacy and Palliative Care
Sexual intimacy during a serious illness may be intimidating. With so much going on and so many things to worry about, intimacy may take a back seat.

Tips to recognize and treat sundowning or sundowners syndrome.

Stop the Itch
Learn about why many seriously ill patients itch, and how you can treat their itching.

Nausea and Vomiting
Nausea is an unpleasant feeling in the stomach that may or may not be followed by vomiting. Vomiting is the sudden, forceful expulsion of the stomach contents which may or may not be preceded by nausea.

What Symptoms Might Medical Marijuana Treat?
A list of potential uses for medical marijuana.

7 Ways to Whet an Appetite
Seven tips and tricks to stimulating an appetite that has been diminished by illness and one reason they may not work.

Where Did Your Appetite Go?
Loss of appetite and weight loss are common with many life-threatening illnesses. Find out why and how you can help...

Help Manage Delirium and Terminal Restlessness
Delirium and terminal restlessness are distressing symptoms in dying patients. Learn how to help manage delirium and terminal restlessness.

Constipation in Palliative Care and Hospice
Constipation is a common symptom for patients with chronic and terminal illnesses. Find out what it is and what causes it.

What are the Pros and Cons of Medical Marijuana?
A list of the pros and cons in the debate over medical marijuana.

Delirium and Terminal Restlessness
Delirium and terminal restlessness are distressing symptoms that may occur in dying patients. Find out what they are, how to recognize them, and how you can help manage them.

What Is Marinol?
My doctor prescribed me Marinol, or dronabinol, to increase my appetite. I’ve heard it’s the same as medical marijuana. What’s the deal?

Medical Marijuana
The debate over marijuana as a form of medicine is heating up as 13 states have now adopted medical marijuana laws. There are a lot of questions surrounding the issue and not enough answers. Here, we'll look at some of the most commonly asked questions about medical marijuana and the FDA approved synthetic form of Delta-9-THC, Marinol.

Is Marinol Better than Smoked Marijuana?
A discussion of the pros and cons of both smoked medical marijuana and Marinol, a synthetic form of THC.

What Is the Hospice Comfort Kit?
What is the hospice comfort kit?

Medical Marijuana - How Do You Feel About Medical Marijuana?
Readers share how they feel about medical marijuana.

Could I Have a Marijuana Allergy?
How to recognize and treat a marijuana allergy.

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