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Hospice Chaplain


Updated January 25, 2010


The hospice chaplain is a non-denominational spiritual support person who is available to council and support hospice patients and their families. The hospice chaplain may visit with patients and their families to discuss any spiritual or religious concerns they have. They may offer prayer, communion, inspirational readings, or emotional support.

The hospice chaplain is first and foremost concerned with the emotional well-being of the patient and their family and secondly with their relationship to God. The chaplain is prepared to meet patients and families wherever they are on their spiritual journey. They understand many faiths and honor their differences.

A hospice chaplain is well connected within the local religious community. Chaplains are able to request the assistance of secular professionals, such as priests, shamans, pastors, rabbis, and mullahs to meet the unique needs of the patient and family.

Hospice chaplains are part of the palliative care team and work closely with hospice physicians, nurses, social workers, and home health aides.

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