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Life after Death

Reader Reviews: Books About Death, Dying, and Grief

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By Diana Hewson

Updated April 27, 2011

Name of Book: 

IMMORTAL, How I Learned There IS Life After Death

Author and/or Publisher: 

Diana Hewson/ Balboa Press

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Good For Which Type of Loss? 

Death of a Spouse

My Review 

I have recently published a book, "IMMORTAL, How I Learned There IS Life After Death". I have been receiving many great comments on the book like: "It has changed my life" and "Your approach to such a delicate and (in reality) controversial subject was 'better than best'." It has been getting 5 star reviews on Amazon.com.

I hope that you will consider listing this book under death and dying. I wrote this book to help others through grieving by letting them know how I went from not believing in life after death to knowing for sure that my late husband is alive in spirit and is helping me through life. I found out that when someone close to you passes away, it is not an end to the relationship. The relationship merely changes form.

Having originally been a chemist, I never believed in life after death until my late husband, Ed, died suddenly of a heart attack in 2003. Because we had been married for 34 years and were very close, I had friends suggesting that, if anyone were going to communicate, Ed would. Initially, I just thanked them for consoling me but said that I did not believe it. But then unexplainable things began to happen. It was as if Ed, realizing he was still alive in spirit, wanted to tell me about it. After a few months, I became a believer and accepted the fact that Ed was with me. I decided to read and study from many perspectives about life after death. I wanted to know what Ed was experiencing. Developing my understanding became a passion for me by reading more than 75 books, talking with people and documenting my own experiences. This book tells of my journey into knowing there is life after death. I do not comment on religions as I am still on my own spiritual quest.

It can be obtained from online booksellers like Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com or the printer’s website, BalboaPress.com. It can also be ordered from Ingram with the ISBN of 978-1-4525-3204-2.

Please help me help others who are grieving.

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