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Livin' Life Before My Time Arrives

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Updated September 14, 2010

Livin' Life Before My Time Arrives

Livin Life Before My Time Arrives!!

What I would do

Well I would cash out my retirement monies. I would trailer my quarter horse gelding and take him to a weeklong workshop with a great trainer so I could ride him for the first time!! I would invite my fellow cancer folks to my home sitting on the mountains and share the peace that is there; let them be with the horses or just sit on the porch looking out over the mountains that surround my home. I would go back to my hometown, Chicago and invite my family and friends to a grand foodfest, celebrating my life with them. I would also have them write in a book what I have meant to them and their lives!!!

Where I would go

Go to the zoo and watch the animals. I would take a Carribean cruise, fly to NYC and have breakfast at Tiffanies, drive up the west coast of the USA, and finally go to Santorini, Greece!! And all the things that I wrote in "what I would do."

What I'd Do Differently

  • Call people when I think of them and tell them how they have blessed my life and how much I love them!!!!!! Sleep more, do more yoga, receive more massages and breathe deeply!!

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