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Readers Respond: Funeral Horror Stories

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Updated December 10, 2010

Funerals bring out the best and worst in people. They may bring families closer together or push them even farther apart. Sometimes things go wrong at funerals that we have no control over. Most of us have heard stories of missing bodies or wrong graves dug. Do you have a funeral horror story to share?

Aunt Drama Queen

I have an aunt who has been at odds with my mom and her sisters for some time. This aunt is married to my mom's brother and feels entitled to all of my grandparents possessions. She started collecting items long before my grandmother died. When I visited my gma before her death, there was a shrine in her apartment of my aunt with an 11x16 photo of her erected by my aunt herself! At my gma's funeral we gathered for family prayer before the service. A prayer was said and all was quiet when suddenly my aunt broke down and started wailing about how wonderful a "mother" my grandmother was to her. Looks were quietly exchanged and laughter stifled as she continued on and on. Surprisingly, everyone kept their cool and didn't even acknowledge that it happened!

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