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Readers Respond: I Knew I'd be a Hospice Nurse When....

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Updated July 09, 2009

From the article: Hospice Nurse
I knew I'd be a hospice nurse when I was working as an intensive care nurse and trying to revive a 90 year old man with terminal cancer. I was shocking his chest with the electrical paddles and wondering what I was doing there. The first time I sat with a dying man, held his hand, and comforted his family, I knew I had found my calling.

What experience or circumstances lead you to be a hospice nurse?

Annointed Nurse of God

I knew when God saved me in the year 2000 he had called me to be a nurse but as he prepared the way for me to attend school he slowly revealed my calling as a hospice nurse. He allowed me to see the work of him through my obedience. I will never forget his voice when I asked him what he wanted me to do with this gift he had given me, He responded and said you have what the dieing world need and that was him, Jesus. He said ti let them know that it does not matter about their past offer him and I would have served my purpose in that season in their lives.
—Guest Rose Roby-Spencer

Babies Born into hospice...

As a hish risk labor and delivery nurse over the last 15 years I have been providing comfort and compassion to babies and the families who love them who have either died or are facing death at the time of birth. There is no threshold sweeter than the moments of life and death, and when these are combined into the same moment, a great opportunity for care and compassion results. I am exhalted to a level of nursing care that fulfills my deepest sense of compassion. The gift is mine to both give and receive. My life has been made most meaningful by this service and I am grateful for the hundreds of tiny lives who have given so much, who are loved so much, and who will never be forgotten.

Hospice RN, case manager x5yrs

I knew I'd be a hospice nurse when my father, a young man, 57 yrs old was actively dying and struggling in his last few minutes of life. Struggling with terminal restlessness, gasping for air as he trashed about his bed at home. I reached out to hospice 10yrs ago, on Christmas Day as I had just received the news from the oncologist that his liver was bleeding and he had 24 to 72 hours before he would die. As hospice came onboard, into my Dad's home, myself visiting from out of state, and a nurse of 4years, not expecting the symptoms that should have had me running for a code cart. It was awful to feel so helpless & watch him suffer in his final minutes. It took me years to forgive myself and knew I can prevent that from happening to another patient and family. Upon meeting my patients, by that same evening, they have liquid morphine, anti-anxiety and oxygen therapy for comfort in their homes. I thank my brave father for allowing me, this gift of assisting patients pass away peacefully
—Guest Sandra

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