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Readers Respond: Are You Afraid of Dying?

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Updated August 25, 2009

From the article: Scared to Death - of Death
Are you afraid of suffering in pain? Maybe your afraid of what will become of your loved ones if you die. There are many reasons why people fear death, and several reasons why many people don't. Share your reason for either fearing death or facing it bravely.


i'm terrified of dying, i know it must be because i fear not exisiting. i've always been really adventurous but since this started i've had to stop all the things i like. i can't stand any form of transport that goes quickly, trains, cars, planes... everywhere i go i picture the things around me that could kill me. it's hurting my relationship because i'm rushing my boyfriend into marriage and kids coz i don't know how short my life will be. I cry at night and when it takes hold of me my heart races and i can't think of anything else. even when i think i'm in a safe environment where nothing can hurt me i picture natural disasters, planes crashing on my house, the end of the world. it's really taken over my life. sometimes i convince myself that even thinking of death will cause it to happen.
—Guest sami

fear of death

My name is dustin im a fourteen year old boy and I've always been the curous one own when my uncle died I wondered if there was an afterlife if he would be there and if there is nothingness I really don't want to die I weep about it everytime I turn off the lights I need help I feel like im in a tank and the air is slowly being used up
—Guest Dustin

I just dont know

I just started getting this fear of death thought a few days ago and I can't knock it. It scares me to death to know one day my breath will be gone. Where will I be? Will I remember I am me? My kids. Really how does that go. Everyday. I feel like I am going crazy. Can anybody help? I just don't know...
—Guest KL

I just dont know

I just started getting this fear of death thought a few days ago and I can't knock it. It scares me to death to know one day my breath will be gone. Where will I be? Will I remember I am me? My kids. Really how does that go. Everyday. I feel like I am going crazy. Can anybody help? I just don't know...
—Guest KL

Fear of death

I am 25 years old and had this fear since I was small my first time I remember I was 11 and in the shower til this day I cant take showers cuz i think of dying and the lack of control I have on it . I take medicine for it and it doesn't seem to work . I have panic attacks almost everyday where I cant breath and nervous its so scary and if have 3 children who see me like this. I cant deal with it some days I am just want to kill myself cuz i cant live like this any more .. I felt I was the only one in the world. I see I am not alone

the fear ofdeath

why do i fear when we are in end time and all of us have witness the pale horse with the rider death?
—Guest john


I am so scared I cant go to sleep if I think about it before I go to bed. (The thought of) It made me cry for a hour last time.
—Guest lauralolalay


I do not fear the act of dying. I do not fear pain nor suffering, nor dying in vaine or dying in glory. Infact the only death I fear is the death I know is coming. I am afraid of un-reality. Like many have said, living is all i know, I cannot fathom death and it terrifies me. I become more terrified when I realize how inevitable it is. No matter what I do one day the darkness will grab me. But since we are looking for solutions here I know what calms me. When ever I go to bed I say.. tonight I die... tomorrow I am re-born, being asleep is the same as death i think. I remember my dreams but i never remember the entrance or the other hours. I think maybe death is like sleep. We will close our eyes and there will be nothing, and then we will open them. Nobody knows where or why, and if our eyes fail to open. Neither will we. The other thing I think is that reality is far too incredible and us far too amazing to be mere blips.
—Guest Guest

Fear of Death

I have been afraid of death for as long as I can remember. My initial fear was that my parents would die. I hated going to bed at night and would call out to them several times to make sure they were still there. I did this every night for years. To this day, the first thing I think about when I turn off the light is death. My father died when I was 35 after battling cancer for a year. I always knew it would be painful, but it was a million times worse than I had always imagined it would be. Mental torture is how I would explain it. 17 years later I have not fully recovered. When my mom passed away in her sleep 9 years ago the fear of death intensified. Not only for myself, but for everyone I loved. For years, as soon as I turned out the light, the panic would set in. To this day I can not go to bed without feeling intense fear that I will not wake up in the morning. It has gotten to the point that it is all I think about.
—Guest just me

fears and visions

When I realised death was inevitable in my early 20s, it caused a big irritation. I couldn't talk to anyone. But over time, somehow, I blockaded those thought by using arguments like "we're all going to die anyway, why worry", "chances are too low", "maybe not", etc. I was dreaming myself dying in "dignity" and made myself feel better, because it would be better than to see loved ones suffer anyway. But today, about a decade later, I realize I just tried to control the situation then. As I get more accustomed to the harsh realities of life, I'm now afraid of particular ways of death even more. I suppose what I really fear is to suffer for a long time in front of my family ruining their lives, to be condemned to feel the pain virtually and psychologically, to lose my conscious and lose control over my thoughts, words, behavior which would destroy everything that I stood for or lived for in my life. other than these, I welcome death. On good days I consider everything as an experience that just has to be experienced. The opportunity of breathing the air, living the life, having fun for a few decades seems like a good deal. But with my all honesty, on the bad days, I feel like if I had a privilege to choose, I would choose to turn back the time and cease to exist. Sometimes even more outrageous thoughts pop up. Life brings the both visions. I wish we could all ignore our fears and live the life to its full. Because our pain will have a limit, but our fears won't.
—Guest nox


i was always afraid to die untill my husband at 53 died at home with me he was diagnosed with cancer and terminally ill now i am at peace with dying and not afraid because i know god with take caRE OF ME IN AN AFTERLIFE...
—Guest ME


isn,t it true most every human being spends most of their life asking why? why in of its self is an expression of fear. there was a point when everything that exist was perfect oh i don,t mean as if in there was not danger there will always be risk in being i mean a time when one did not try to explain being one simply existed. the first death i survived was as a child. and i mean literally more were to come untill 1994 when i was murdered by a serial robber its not death that one must spend your emotions on but the shear joy of being. i,ve learned not to fear leaving but embrace every second i have been here and always try and remember to thank what ever made life possible i quess the best way to not fear death is to embrace both life and death and remember you found your way here at least once i love all who live and i truly hope you find peace in time to enjoy this thing we share called life your friend in being randy

More Recent Fear

I'm now in my later 30's and for some reason I can't understand death. I fear it because I just can't understand what non-existance feels like. I wish I had faith in an after life, but I don't know, and who really knows. I try to think about the world before I was born, and it was not scary to not exist before I was born, so why is it so scary now? Like some posts here, it does seem to just pop in my head at times, and causes me a lot more stress than I really ever had before. I saw someone posted their own their of energy, and I agree there must be some kind of energy transfer when you die, because it has to go somewhere? But what I can't wrap my head around is not having my consciousness, who I believe I am, my memories, and enjoying the company of those I love. I feel like I'm getting panic attacks about the unknown. How can I not exist? I'm all I've ever known. I'd like to live forever, no matter how much pain and suffering or what the cost. Existing is all I know.
—Guest guest D

all my life

ever since i can remember I have been afraid of dying. My parents would say I was a very clingy child and didn't want to go out and play in the street. I remember when I was around 7 years old I would cry and worry about my parents going away and i don't know why i would have felt like that. Ironically when I was 8 years old my father's mother was killed tragically in a car accident and I was even more scared about dying. I had a big fear of old people and my mum said when i saw an old person i would cry and make a bit of a scene. I have always been a very anxious child/adult and worry about something happening to me and then I would get to do all the things I want to do and see with my two children who are now 29 & 25year old women and I have three grandchildren that I keep thinking I am not going to live to see their children! I wish I didn't think so negatively. Everyday I awake I think perhaps today is the day I will die and it terrifies me how it will happen! very morbit i know
—Guest lynn jones

Scared of leaving my kids

I am petrified of dying because I don't want to leave my kids. My husband is terrific with them but they need a mom too. Also scared he will remarry and I will be forgotten.
—Guest Mel

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