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Readers Respond: Condolence Letter Quotes and Tips

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Updated June 17, 2009

From the article: Writing a Condolence Letter
Writing a condolence letter can be trying for even the best poets and writers. What have you done to make writing a condolence letter easier? Do you have a favorite quote or inspirational saying you use? Maybe you've found that sharing a memory or including a photo of the deceased make the letter more meaningful?

Share your favorite quotes, sayings, or condolence letter tips with other readers.

Very informing

This article is great for the simple fact that I wouldn't know where to start when it came to writting this letter. I will definatley use this as a reference if it ever came down to it. Thank you

Thank you

I never had to write one of these before and I felt helpless and uncertain about how to express myself sincerely. Your article was the best advice I could hope for because it reduces the confusion in the mind and makes you focus on what really is important. Just following the steps made me write down what I wanted to say from heart to heart. Thank you so much.
—Guest Katarina


Thanks for the article. It helped me pull my thoughts together and to write an expressive message to my friend.
—Guest Bruce

Share a Memory

Thank you for this article on how to write a condolence letter. I've found it very helpful. I think it's important to always include a person memory of the deceased. My friends mother passed away recently and in writing a condolence letter to him I shared a memory of a time his mother caught us smoking cigarettes when we were just 14 years old. From that point on, she always did a "smell check" when we would walk in his front door to make sure we hadn't been smoking again. She could smell a single cigarette under layers of cologne! She is the reason I don't smoke today. Including a personal memory shows how much the deceased meant to you and adds a certain level of empathy to your condolence letter.
—Guest Samuel

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